‘Cruise’ Film Takes Inspiration From The 80s

Tomorrow marks the release of Cruise, a film set in the 80s and is so bold you’ll wonder how they got away with it. This film looks to be pretty heavy but features an easy base of a love story.

From the trailer we can tell that there will be plenty of action, a lot of adult situations, some adrenaline-filled race scenes and what seems to be a very unlikely love story. The film features two main characters, Gio Fortunato played by Spencer Boldman and Jessica Weinberg played by Emily Ratajkowski.

Jessica looks to be the typical good girl raised in an upper-class family while Gio looks to be a bit rough around the edges. The trailer for the film features heavy 80s-synth music, though, the teaser does not give too much away.

“Mr. Boldman (a tad too eager to grin) and Ms. Ratajkowski (supplying a little of the much-needed nuance) keep things agreeable as the script nods toward a mess of movies from the ‘80s and earlier,” according to TheNYTimes.

“It’s true — you’ve seen many films like this before. Yet every so often, ‘Cruise’ helps you remember when and why you first watched them.”

With an endorsement like that, it’s hard to be an 80s lover and not want to give this film a shot. If you’re looking for a film to invoke a little 80s nostalgia, try checking out out Cruise this weekend when it hits theaters. You can check out the trailer below.

Cruise Trailer

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