‘Flashdance The Musical’ Continues the 80s Takeover

Over the past couple of years there has been a definite 80s takeover. Now, that 80s takeover continues even further with “Flashdance the Musical.” A recent review of the musical will reveal why.

‘Flashdance The Musical’ Continues the 80s Takeover

“At the Patchogue Theatre, the ‘80s are brought to life in the most recent Gateway Playhouse production of ‘Flashdance the Musical.’ With Julia Macchio starring as Alex Owens, fresh off of her national tour, it is an exciting tribute to the music, feeling and style of the ‘80s,” according to LongIslandAdvance.

“Macchio carries the performance as the confident, young dancer who wants to pursue her dreams. It’s not easy to master two different crafts, let alone one, but Macchio has shown that her lifelong practice of dance is just one-half of her talent, as her voice is equally as outstanding in the role.”

Flashdance is one of the most classic 80s films and who could forget Irene Cara’s incredible hit, “Flashdance (What A Feeling),”  a song that is so incredibly catchy it propelled the film even further to hit status.

“Macchio is also able to bring the character of Alex into a relatable vision. The audience believes her and feels a true personality radiate in her performance. You root for Alex as she navigates love, life and dance,” according to the report.

“Flashdance the Musical” looks to be a very convincing take on the film and its another way the 80s happens to be thriving again in present times. This is one of many adaptations that exists globally. For more about this particular adaptation, click here.

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