Are The Shining Twins The Creepiest Kids Of The 80s?

The Shining twins absolutely send chills down our spine every time we see or think about them. We have to wonder, are these the creepiest kids from the 80s when it comes to horror films?

Are The Shining Twins The Creepiest Kids Of The 80s?

Of course, when it comes to creepy kids, we’re not quite sure of the kids of the 80s could top some of the intensely terrifying kids in horror movies of today. However, the Grady twins certainly have their own creepy factor. The outfits were dated and we all know that ghosts from the past just hold and extra amount of scary factor with them.

“‘Come play with us Danny…forever.’ How many of as kids would have sat there and soiled ourselves upon seeing this? The sisters as they appear in the first moment aren’t that bad,” according to TVOvermind.

“They’re a little creepy and kind of odd, but upon seeing them chopped to bloody bits only a moment later it’s no wonder that Danny would be hiding his eyes and looking away.”

Creepy may be a slight understatement when we really think about it. Though for some reason, films that feature children in roles such as the one from The Shining seem to have a super high chilling factor. Did the Grady twins scare the crap out of you in the 80s? Or do you know of a creepier set of kids from the 80s? Let us know int he comments section below.

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