Is An 80s Pop Resurgence Springing From Houston?

Of all of the cities in the U.S. to adopt 80s pop and foster a return, Houston may be the last one on your mind. However, it looks like the 80s pop scene is flourishing in Houston. According to a recent report, Houston has adopted the 80s pop sound with its synth-heavy tunes that bring that nostalgic feeling right back to you.

Is An 80s Pop Resurgence Springing From Houston?

“But why are the sounds of the ’80s reappearing in Houston? Many of these artists’ parents likely provided them with an ’80s centric music education, instilling a love for the decade at an early age,” according to HoustonPress.

“Perhaps these musicians’ more immediate influences from the ’90s and beyond took direction from the era, and now their artistic lineage manifests in this talent pool. The most plausible reason, however, is that these local acts are in the same room at the same time.”

Of course, we like to think that the resurgence comes from the fact that every aspect of 80s pop culture is being revisited in all of today’s larger releases. Style, music, film and all of the categories in-between are moving back to those similar to the decade we love and celebrate on this very site. Though, if you are looking for a new setting to enjoy 80s inspired music, Houston may be the spot.

“Houston’s new ’80s crew frequently convenes in the deep heart of the East End at Satellite Bar, performing original sets and supporting their contemporaries,” according to the report.

“A rising star in its own right, the venue thrives as a centralized hub for the intricately woven network of artists and fans that constitute today’s scene.”

To learn more about the 80s pop resurgence in Houston and more, click here.

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