Are 80s Outfits Back For New Year’s Eve?

When it comes to dressing up for a celebratory occasion, there is no better time than New Year’s Eve. The question is, should we bring back the 80s outfits that we wore for the celebration decades ago? Would they actually work today? According to a new article, yes, yes it very well could.

Are 80s Outfits Back For New Year’s Eve?

“Oh, the ’80s. They gave us Tina Turner, Madonna, Cyndi Crawford, and Brooke Shields. It was an epic period for fashion. Nowadays, though, you might associate ’80s fashion with Halloween more than New Year’s Eve,” according to WhoWhatWear.

“From neon exercising clothes to parachute pants, there’s no doubt that the attire of that era was bright and flashy. But beyond the costumery, a few pieces have stood the test of time and are, in fact, back and better than ever.”

That’s right the 80s styles aren’t just for the over-the-top holiday celebrations. Christmas films aren’t the only awesome 80s gifts from the decade. Cool styles that can be transformed into elegant fits for a New Year’s Eve celebration are very much possible.

“The holiday’s certainly known for its own degree of extravagance (see: glitter, sequins, etc.),” according to the report.

“Why not infuse your NYE outfit this year with some on-them oversize blazers featuring larger-than-life shoulder pads, some statement belts, or all things leather? These trends will infuse your look with a whole lot of glamour.”

Solid trends from the 80s fused with trends of this decade can actually make a great outfit for the celebration. If you want to read more about how you can bring the 80s style into your New Year’s Eve outfit, click here.

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