Hairball Is An 80s Tribute Band To Watch

When it comes to 80s hair bands, KISS certainly stands out among the crowd. Though, there are a number of bands that would come to mind as well. Now, a new tribute band by the name of Hairball is looking to celebrate all of them and doing so in quite the fashion.

Hairball Is An 80s Tribute Band To Watch

“When Bobby Jensen hurdled a barricade and bum-rushed a KISS performance in 1984, his life changed,” according to the TheGazette.

“The then 14-year-old metalhead hopped up onstage and sprinted to KISS vocalist-guitarist Paul Stanley, who handed him a pick and embraced the star-struck teenager.”

According to the report, Jensen would spend some time in a few original bands before he joined Hairball in 2002. The band definitely has the look of an 80s hair band and from the report, it sounds like they have got the sound to match it.

“When Jensen belts out Alice Cooper songs, the guillotine is behind him and it’s in chopping mode,” according to the report.

“When KISS songs are rendered, Jensen breathes fire just like his childhood hero Gene Simmons, according to Jensen. Simmons and fellow metal legends, such as Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, Rob Zombie and Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, have shared the stage with Hairball at benefit shows over recent years.”

If you want to hear more about Hairball’s members and what the bands’ performances consist of, click here.

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