80s Holiday Flashback: ‘Scrooged’

The holiday season is in full swing as we are just under two weeks before Christmas. When it comes to the holidays, the 80s has a number of classic films including a certain film by the name of Scrooged.

80s Holiday Flashback: ‘Scrooged’

In a recent piece Forbes contributor, David Alm highlighted how the film epitomized the 80s. In his reflection of Scrooged, Alm revisits some of the key events that occurred in American History around the same time the film was released. For instance, the election of the 41st U.S. President George H.W. Bush.

While the election itself had no direct relation to the film, Alm believes that there is something to be said about the representation of the duality of the time period. From optimism and dread to even more pivotal and serious concerns the 80s had plenty moments of uncertainty. Though, Alm does take time to reflect on Scrooged itself and what made the film so great.

“Murray is brilliant as an updated Ebeneezer Scrooge, but like any ensemble project, Scrooged is carried equally by its supporting cast,” according to Alm.

“Karen Allen as his kindhearted former girlfriend, Bobcat Golthwaite as a young TV exec who goes off the rails after Frank fires him, Carol Kane as an exuberant and slightly maniacal Ghost of Christmas Present, and Alfre Woodard as Frank’s assistant each take turns ‘jousting’ with Murray, to use Ms. Kane’s word to describe what it’s like working with the actor, who is known to improvise on camera and never does the same take twice.”

To read more of Alm’s thoughts on the 80s holiday classic, click here.

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