80s-Set ‘Bandersnatch’ Is A Trippy Experience

If you’re thinking, “what in the world is a ‘Bandersnatch'” you’re not alone. Plenty of Netflix viewers were able to take part in a viewing experience like no other. Bandersnatch is a fully interactive film from the creators of Black Mirror, another highly successful Netflix series.

80s-Set ‘Bandersnatch’ Is A Trippy Experience

Set in the mid-80s, the show’s main character Stefan sets out to create a game that allows the player to choose different paths. The game, called Bandersnatch, is based off of one of Stefan’s favorite books, by a troubled author.

The most special part of this film is the fact that you, the viewer, have to make some of the most difficult and at times troubling decisions for Stefan. It is truly unlike anything that the streaming platform has ever released and could very well be the future of entertainment as we know it.

Along with the many 80s, retro games mentioned in the film, there was a very high focus on giving the film an incredibly decade-accurate feel. Whether it was the clothes, the 80s vehicles or some of the British slang used, our favorite decade is riddled all over this film.

Of course, no film set in the 80s would be complete without an 80s soundtrack and that is a pretty big highlight for us. There is the obvious Frankie Goes To Hollywood track “Relax,” which happens to wake Stefan up as the adventure sort of resets. The film also features the Thompson Twins’ “Hold Me Now” and plenty of other tracks from the 80s.

If you want a completely unique viewing experience, you might want to check out Bandersnatch, streaming now on Netflix.

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