Puma Revives 80s Sneaker Classic

80s style is on full display once again in 2018 with the announcement of the revival of Puma’s RS-Computer shoe. Thats right there is an 80s sneaker classic on the way and its not a pair of Nike, Reebok or Adidas. Technology and style are being fused together again on the RS-Computer sneaker.

Puma Revives 80s Sneaker Classic

“Footwear company Puma has revived its RS-Computer Shoe, a classic sneaker from 1986 that — at the time of its launch — included sophisticated hardware targeted at athletes and enthusiasts,” according to SlashGear.

“Though the technology has long been made obsolete by modern alternatives, the design itself retains a certain retro appeal and the model enjoys a number of fans. Puma’s upgraded version retains the same classic design.”

It’s certainly not the first retro sneaker design from the 80s to make its way into the modern day. Companies like Nike continuously bring back running classics from the decade and have even gone further to create silhouettes that were simply futuristic ideas such as the Marty McFly’s that release a fe years back.

“The original Puma RS-Computer Shoe gathered data on runs and provided runners with the info they needed to better pursue their future goals. The shoes have a very unique appearance; the hardware juts out the shoe’s heel, where it is impossible to miss,” according to the report.

To learn more about the RS-Computer classic from the 80s and what the new rendition will feature, click here.

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