Who Shot J.R.?

Dallas “Who Shot J.R.?” on the cover of TIMEThe 80’s started with a bang – literally – and that bang was followed by a question that’s been immortalized in the history of television programming.

“Who Shot J.R.?”

If your Friday evening didn’t revolve around the infamous Dallas soap opera, you were either living in a cave or you didn’t own a television. After all, the show had more than 300-million fans. Everyone knew the oil-rich Ewings and most of us wanted to be them – no matter how dysfunctional they were. The show was so popular that it grabbed the top spot in the Neilsen TV ratings three of the ten years of the 80s.

In typical 80’s fashion, Dallas could be broken down into a “good guy, bad guy” theme. On the nasty and vindictive end of the spectrum, you had J.R. Ewing – the antagonist we all loved to hate. Then on the opposite end, you had J.R.’s brother – clean-as-a-whistle (and oh so cute), straight-laced Bobby Ewing.

Of course Bobby and J.R. were surrounded by a plethora of interesting (and sometimes downright despicable) supporting characters. There was Jock and Miss Ellie, and of course we can’t forget the multi-talented Sue Ellen and Lucy, the brat. Pam was probably the closest semblance of normalcy from the entire cast. Then again, nothing about Dallas was really “normal” so-to-say.

I just have one question . . . Could someone explain to me why such a rich family would pack so many people under one roof?

2012 saw a re-boot of the 80s-TV standard with Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray reprising their roles as Bobby and Sue Ellen.  The TNT-based show is now in its third season with even more seduction and conniving that the original.  Are you fan of the new version? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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