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New Order's Power, Corruption & Lies albumNew Order is the England-born rock band known for its dreamy and highly danceable electronic sounds. Founded in 1980, the band was formed after Ian Curtis’s suicide when they were all part of the band Joy Division. Twenty-eight years later, New Order’s music is still as fresh and interesting as it ever was. On November 11, 2008, Rhino Records is re-issuing a decade of New Order at their finest – the five albums released in the 80s have been re-mastered and expanded to include re-mixes and B-Sides. In celebration of New Order and all they have done for Alternative Music, we include below some of their greatest videos (with a notable cover thrown in for good measure). In addition, Rhino has shared some tracks from the new releases to get your excited!

Music Videos

Blue Monday
Bizarre Love Triangle
Bizarre Love Triangle cover by Frente
True Faith

Blue Monday, 1983:

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Bizarre Love Triangle, 1986:

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This is a FABULOUS cover of Bizarre Love Triangle by Frente:

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True Faith, 1987:

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Temptation, 1982:

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Rhino Records Listening Party


  1. Dreams Never End
  2. Procession
  3. Age of Consent
  4. Blue Monday
  5. The Perfect Kiss
  6. Salvation Theme
  7. Bizarre Love Triangle
  8. 1963
  9. Round & Round
  10. Don’t Do It

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