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What could be Smurfier than going as your favorite little blue creature for your next 80s party or Halloween bash? With the new Smurf movie out this summer (2011), being blue is back and hotter than ever. This makes a great group costume; each person can tailor their accessories to be their favorite Smurf. For example, add some round, black glasses and a big book, and you are Brainy Smurf. Spend the party sleeping on the couch, and you are Lazy Smurf. Add a bicep tattoo and carry a dumbbell, and you are Hefty (or was it Brawny) Smurf. You get the idea.

DIY Smurfs Costume Idea

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Papa Smurf and Smurfette Costumes

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Smurfs Costume Idea for 80s Party

DIY Smurf Costume

This is a great DIY costume, but you can always buy pieces of it to make things a little easier. Here’s the list of needed items:

  • White hat (unless you’re going to be Papa, then it needs to be red)
  • Blue skin – you can use blue body paint all over or simply wear blue long sleeves, tights, and gloves and only put the paint on your face and neck
  • White shorts or dress (again, red shorts for Papa)
  • White shoes
  • Smurfette: If you are going as the village vixon, Smurfette, you’ll need longish blond hair or a blond wig.
  • Papa Smurf: Papa sports a full, white beard (you can buy one or paint one on – see pic at Blue Buddies of the painted beard (link below)).

Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy Smurf & Jokey Smurf If you don’t want to bother with assembling the various pieces, you can buy complete Smurf costumes here. If you are looking for great Smurf costume information, the Blue Buddies site is hard to beat.

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