80s Party Planning Story: Pac-Man Cake

We LOVE to receive great 80s party stories like this one. Thanks so much, Heather for sharing your Pac-Man cake ideas and picture. We are sure other visitors can get some great ideas when planning their own 80s party from what Heather did.

My 7 year old wanted a Pac-Man cake so I thought I would try it from memory. I used 1 round cake pan that was an inch deep and then used a rectangular pan for the ghosts. It took only 1 cake mix for me but you may want two if you do not want short cakes. Once baked and cooled, I flipped the cakes out and carved a mouth out Pac-Man’s mouth from the round cake. Then for the rectangular cake I divided in fours and then carved the ghosts by hand. Round on the top of the ghosts and jagged on the bottom. Once done I took two store bought frostings (ours was cream cheese) and started making the frostings. I used food coloring to color each frosting to match what I thought Pac-Man and the ghosts should look like. Once all the cakes were frosted, I used a edible gel frosting to outline the Pac-Man and ghosts to make them look more authentic. For the eyes on the ghost, I split white malted milk candies and on top of those a dot of gel to hold on a chocolate chip. And for Pac-Man, we used a chocolate covered malted milk ball for his eye.

– Heather

Pac-Man cake

Author: Pia Sooney

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