Are These the ’80s Most Notable Moments?

CNN is debuting a new original series tonight called The Eighties and as part of an intense marketing campaign has been highlighting some of the decade’s biggest political, cultural and technological impacts on today.

Recently, it released 80 moments from the ’80s that it thinks are the most notable events of the decade. The list includes events like:

February 22, 1980: Miracle on ice happens as U.S. hockey team defeats the favored Soviet Union team in the Winter Olympics.

October 1980: Pacman hits American arcades

1981: IBM creates the first personal computer that sold for the equivalent of $4,000 today

1983: Cabbage Patch hysteria sets in as parents fight each other to get one for their kids

July 7, 1984: Michael Jackson wears iconic single white glove for the first time during the first show of his Victory Tour 

April 10, 1985: Madonna kicks off first tour ever, the Like A Virgin tour

April 21, 1989: Nintendo launches the first Game Boy in Japan 

See the full list here. 

Author: Nicole

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