The 80s Movies I Grew Up Watching (And Quizzes!)

There are two types of people in this world. The ones that like to watch an 80s movies once and the ones that will watch them over and over.

My Dad is the latter and so am I. I grew up in the 90s watching 80s movies. I thank him for my love of 80s movies, so many of which, are still my favorites to this day.

The 80s Movies I Grew Up Watching (And Quizzes!)

Trading Placesmovieposter

This movie has you entertained and laughing from start to finish. Winthorpe and Valentine have their lives swapped thanks to two millionaire brothers. When they find out what’s happened, they become fast friends and plot against the brothers instead.

The Empire Strikes Back

“There’s a pretty girl..” was my Dad’s way of influencing me to watch SciFi and actions flicks I otherwise wouldn’t have. The 80s Star Wars Movies are great and the new ones are fun too.

Goonies-heroThe Goonies

Treasure maps, bad guys, and adventure fill this movie. When the Goonies find the map, they take a chance at saving themselves and their families from the corporation that wants to tear down their houses.

nintchdbpict000274694300Back to the Future

What more do you want than a time machine? Watching Marty and Doc Brown as a time traveling duo in the first of these movies just sets you up to enjoy all of the Back to the Future Movies.

Stand By Me

When friends adventure to find a missing boy, they grow up along the way. This coming of age movie has laughs and a warm feeling of friends and childhood.



“Don’t. Cross. The streams. It would be bad.” From the proton packs, of course. The ghostbusters weren’t afraid of no ghosts and as a comedy, you couldn’t help but love this ghost movie.

War Games


When a computer nerd hacks into a the government systems, he almost starts a world war. I love this action movie and my brother and Dad did too. Plus, there’s a pretty girl.

Reminiscing about watching these movies with my Dad growing up always brings a smile to my face. Did you love these movies too? Test your skill with the following quizzes and good luck!

Movie Quizzes

The Goonies Quiz

Stand By Me Quiz

Trading Places Quiz

Author: Emily Rokke

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