11 Pep Rally Ideas to Raise School Spirit

Are you looking to boost your school spirit? Are you ready to motivate your school with innovative ideas? 

From teacher-student games to spirit weeks, raising school morale only takes kindness and some ingenuity. For the best pep rally ideas, keep reading for our guide. 

1. Community Service

By solving a problem as a campus, students and faculty alike bond and combine their shared interests. School spirit ideas for high school like this one engage our educators and children for the better of our community. 

2. School Icons 

Students can wear school colors once a month. This gives everyone the chance to be involved and rarely will students feel left out of this school spirit exercise. Other school icons bring us together as well, certain custom school coins achieve this and last for years to come. 

3. Student and Teacher Games 

Students and teachers rarely have the opportunity to blow off steam together. By introducing student-teacher games your campus will flourish with relief and school spirit. 

4. Use Music to Boost The Energy

A pep rally can act as a form of theater. You can leverage this idea by including music to keep your school positive and energized. 

Refrain from using music that doesn’t reflect the core values of your school. It’s a good idea to conduct a poll the week of the rally, just to see what music your students prefer.  

5. Make Incentives

Students need an incentive to go to pep rallies. Some school spirit ideas will motivate your top students, but many will fall short for the rest of the student body. I suggest giving out rewards to some students who come to a rally. 

In some cases, it makes sense to make a raffle or academic lottery. Doing this will motivate more of your student body and keeps everyone positively engaged. 

6. History Makes a Difference

Most students don’t know about their school’s history. You can capitalize on this by theming your pep rally as a blast to the past. 

7. Dress Up 

The days before a pep rally, you can select funny and creative dress codes for students. Some days can reflect popular culture, others can relate to school themes specifically. 

8. Arts and Sciences

Combine your arts and sciences department to get everyone involved! Your school can put together an art and science fair to attract both ends of the academic spectrum the week of your pep rally. 

9. Outdoor Fun

Going outdoors gets students and staff together and engaged. You can add field days, live music, or comedic games to raise spirit. 

10. Change Up The Cuisine 

Everyone relates to food, creating pep rally-themed lunches will get school spirit on your student’s minds. 

11. Let Off Steam

Open a dialogue as a school about important issues. Give everyone the chance to share their mind and work through public problems together. This brings your school closer together and raises confidence in your students. 

Use These Pep Rally Ideas to Boost Your School Spirit

School spirit is at the essence of what brings your school together. Without a shared culture, your education community can fall to the wayside. As educators and students, we instill hope and a sense of community through events and shared goals. 

After reading about these pep rally ideas you know what to do. Don’t wait around for your school to grow hand in hand. Be motivated and start raising your school spirit today! 

Author: Pia Sooney

Just a little obsessed with all things 80s, Pia still has her Swatch, her cassette tape collection, and her Converse Chucks. When not making friendship pins or listening to Depeche Mode, she runs a web design business.

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