Why People Currently Love 1980s Fashion

You may have heard the saying that fashion makes a comeback every 20 years, and that’s mostly true. Some decades get skipped, but there are certain decades that seem to make a comeback and stick around for quite some time. That seems to be the case with the 1980s, and it makes sense – the ‘80s were awesome. Although some might find the aesthetics questionable, there are a ton of people who have been going crazy over ‘80s fashion and music for at least the last two decades.

 Even though the ‘80s are more than 40 years in the past, you can find fashion accessories, casual clothes, work attire, and everything in between being reproduced and sold online. Whatever you can’t find at a thrift store, you can probably find on a boutique fashion website.

 ou can even find phone cases that embody the styles of the ‘80s. Although cell phones didn’t exist then, even the biggest 1980s enthusiasts aren’t giving up their technology to fully live in their favorite time period. A new iPhone lineup is about to drop and case manufacturers are getting ready to put out some awesome protective cases for the iPhone 16. Eventually, there will be ‘80s-themed cases for every phone in existence.


What is the 1980s aesthetic, anyway?

 While it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the appeal is for everyone, there is a definite aesthetic to 1980s fashion and it either hits right or not. At the base level, there is a visible transition from one decade into another; it’s the blending of iconic 1970s shapes, like stripes, into a brighter color palette, doing away with the blandness of brown and yellow. With vibrant colors, everything just looks brighter and happier.

 The 1980s also brought in pastel colors, rainbows, polka dots, jean jackets, and acid wash denim. At the time, it was considered somewhat edgy to wear acid wash overalls with one strap hanging down. There were snapback hats, usually worn backwards and even sideways. Makeup was bright and hair was big. Really, really big.

 One thing that sets the 80s apart is the fact that men wore crop tops, short shorts, and cutoff shorts. Although, this part of 80s fashion isn’t making much of a comeback.

 Jeans in the 1980s were slightly baggy at the top and peg-legged with the cuffs rolled up, but not quite as big as the ‘90s. Bulky, scrunched-up leg warmers were in along with really bright and neon-colored spandex and lycra workout attire. There were a large number of at-home aerobic workout videos that made wearing unitards over contrasting workout shorts popular, in addition to standard leotards.

 Many people feel nostalgic for the 1980s

 One of the biggest reasons people feel drawn to the 1980s is nostalgia. For many people who were at least kids in the ‘80s, this makes sense, but a lot of people feel nostalgic for the ‘80s despite not being alive during this time period. This is called anemoia, and some people say it stems from feeling dissatisfied with the present. However, that may not be true for everyone.

 Each person has their own set of preferences where fashion and culture are concerned, and for people who really resonate with the culture of the ‘80s, it makes sense for them to feel nostalgic even about a time they didn’t experience. They feel like the time period is more in tune with their preferences and it makes them feel comfortable and at home.

 The familiarity of and longing for a time period they never experienced likely comes from feeling like they would have enjoyed the ‘80s more than any other decade. It just seems to align more with their preferences.

 Music often sparks interest in fashion

 For a lot of people, the draw to this decade initially comes from the music. First, they get interested in ‘80s music and then start to enjoy the fashion they see in the music videos and photos of artists from that time. Music has always had a major influence over fashion since people like to wear what their favorite celebrities and musicians wear.

 The 1980s are here to stay

 Unlike other decades that only make a brief comeback, like the ‘60s and ‘70s, interest in 1980s fashion doesn’t seem like it will fade anytime soon. There are a lot of iconic musicians and brands that came out of the ‘80s, and that could be why the 1980s have truly become immortal.

Author: Pia Sooney

Just a little obsessed with all things 80s, Pia still has her Swatch, her cassette tape collection, and her Converse Chucks. When not making friendship pins or listening to Depeche Mode, she runs a web design business.

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