The Banana Clip

As if 80s hair wasn’t crazy enough on its own, the banana clip added that little extra something to take your feathered bangs and layered tresses just a little further. In the unlikely event that you don’t know what a banana clip is, allow us to enlighten. Given its name for its shape, the banana clip is a hair accessory made popular in the 80s that allowed you to pull your hair back from each side, with the clip (in its banananess) following the contour of your head in the back. The effect is like a mane of hair running down the middle of the back of your head. A photo definitely will do more justice in the area of explanation than words. So here it is.

We found these lovely pics (below) by way of our site readers and the Internet. The first (at left) is Alicia B. looking totally bodacious in her banana clip. The third (at right) is from Bethes blog. Thanks for letting us use and share these ladies!

Banana clip          80s Banana clip          banana-clip-02

The banana clip clearly still has fans and wearers as they are readily available for purchase now in any drugstore. In fact, we picked a pair up the other day to give away on this site! Which brings up the question what are you willing to do for a banana clip?

If you have pictures of yourself donning a totally 80s banana clip, send them to us!!! We’d love to have the largest image portfolio of banana clips in action on the web.

User Submitted Banana Clip Photos


This is like totally me and my bannana clip!!!! I like totally like got it from Wal-Mart!!!!!! Like How Totally Rad Is This???!!!! Fer Sure!!!!

Tip: My aunt is a hair dresser and she told me that if you tease your hair and then put the banana clip in, it’ll have something to hang on to. She also said that if you put some hair spray in when the clip is in it’ll hold it for a good long while. Just thought it would be helpful to anyone else with banana clips who couldn’t get ’em to stay before!

-Taylor M.

Banana clip

I remember wearing the banana clip in the 80s – loved it. What is funny is that my best friend is wearing one TODAY!!! I think that should count for something.

– Mona

Banana Clip

Submitted by: Tonya C., Kentucky

Author: Pia Sooney

Just a little obsessed with all things 80s, Pia still has her Swatch, her cassette tape collection, and her Converse Chucks. When not making friendship pins or listening to Depeche Mode, she runs a web design business.

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  1. Where can I find the 7 1/2 in. banana clip? NOT the 7 in one.

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