New Wave Hits of 80s

As mentioned on the New Wave Music page, the term is hard to pin down and covers a wide range of artists from the period spanning the late 70s and on into the 80s.

It came to mean music that was slightly out of the mainstream, a post-punk, pre-alternative music that was edgier and with more attitude. Below are some of the most popular New Wave hits of the 80s listed alphabetically by artist. This list of 80s new wave songs includes some songs from the late 70s (they have to be really special to be included) and is by no means all inclusive. We will be adding more of the best new wave songs regularly. If you see one we missed, please comment below or email us at

New Wave Hits of the 80s


ABC: “Poison Arrow” (1982), “The Look Of Love (Part One)” (1982), “All of My Heart” (1982), “How to Be a Millionaire” (1984) “Be Near Me” (1985)
Adam & the Ants: “Ant Music” (1980), “Stand and Deliver” (1981), “Prince Charming” (1981), “Antrap” (1981), “Dog Eat Dog” (1980)
Adam Ant: “Goody Two Shoes” (1982), “Friend or Foe” (1982), “Desperate But Not Serious” (1982), “Strip” (1984)
After the Fire: “Der Kommissar” (1983)
a-ha:Take On Me” (1985), “Hunting High And Low” (1985)
Alphaville: “Big In Japan” (1984), “Forever Young” (1984)
Altered Images: “Happy Birthday” (1981), “I Could Be Happy” (1981)
Animotion:Obsession” (1985)
Arcadia: “Election Day” (1985)


The B-52’s: “Private Idaho” (1980), “Rock Lobster,” “Party out of Bounds,” “Strobe Light” (1979), “Love Shack” (1989)
Bananarama: “Really Saying Something” (1982), “Shy Boy (Don’t It Make You Feel Good)” (1982), “Cruel Summer” (1983), “Venus”
The Bangles: “Manic Monday” (1985), “Walk Like An Egyptian” (1986), “Hazy Shade of Winter” (1987)
Toni Basil:Mickey” (1981)
Bauhaus: “She’s in Parties” (1983), “Stigmata Martyr” (released in 1980, included on the soundtrack of 1988’s Night of the Demons)
Berlin: “The Metro” (1982), “No More Words” (1984), “Sex” (1982)
Big Country: “In a Big Country” (1983)
Blondie: “X-Offender” (1976), “One Way or Another” (1978), “Dreaming” (1979), “Call Me” (1980), “The Tide Is High” (1980), “Rapture” (1980), “Heart of Glass” (1978)
The Boomtown Rats: “Rat Trap” (1978), “I Don’t Like Mondays” (1979), “Someone’s Looking at You” (1980), “Banana Republic” (1980)
The Bongos: “Numbers With Wings” (1983), “Barbarella”(1983)
David Bowie: “Heroes” (1977), “Ashes to Ashes” (1980), “Fashion” (1980), “Let’s Dance (1983), “China Girl” (1983)
Bow Wow Wow: “C30, C60, C90, Go!” (1980), “I Want Candy” (1982), “Go Wild in the Country” (1982)
Bronski Beat: “Smalltown Boy” (1984), “Why?” (1984)
The Buggles:Video Killed the Radio Star” (1980)


The Call: “Let the Day Begin” (1989), “Everywhere I Go,” “I Still Believe”
Camouflage: “The Great Commandment” (1988)
The Cars: “Just What I Needed” (1978), “My Best Friend’s Girl” (1978), “Shake It Up” (1981), “Drive” (1984), “Magic” (1984)
The Church: “Under the Milky Way” (1988)
Anne Clark: “Our Darkness” (1982)
The Clash: “Rock the Casbah” (1982), “Train in Vain” (1980), “Should I Stay or Should I Go” (1982), “London Calling” (1979 – Dec, so close enough)
Cock Robin: “The Promise You Made” (1985)
The Communards: “Don’t Leave Me This Way” (1986), “Never Can Say Goodbye” (1987), “Tomorrow” (1987)
Elvis Costello: “Radio Radio” (1978), “Oliver’s Army” (1979), “Good Year for the Roses” (1981 – not really New Wave as it was on his country cover album Almost Blue), “Everyday I Write the Book” (1983), “Veronica” (1989)
Josie Cotton: “Johnny Are You Queer?” (1981)
Culture Club: “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” (1982), “Time (Clock of the Heart)” (1982), “Church of the Poison Mind” (1983), “Karma Chameleon” (1983), “Miss Me Blind” (1984), “Victims” (1983)
The Cure: “Boys Don’t Cry” (1979), “A Forest” (1980), “Let’s Go to Bed” (1982), “Love Cats” (1983), “In Between Days” (1985), “Close to Me” (1985), “Why Can’t I be you” (1987), “Just Like Heaven” (1987), “Love Song” (1989), “Hot Hot Hot!!!” (1988)


Dead or Alive: “You Spin Me Right Round (Like a Record)” (1984), “Lover Come Back To Me” (1984), “In Too Deep” (1985), “Brand New Lover” (1986)
The Dead Milkmen:Punk Rock Girl,” (1988) “Bitchin Camero” (1985)
Depeche Mode: “Dreaming Of Me” (1981), “Just Can’t Get Enough” (1981), “Meaning of Love” (1982), “Get the Balance Right” (1983), “People Are People” (1984), “Master and Servant” (1984), “Never Let Me Down Again” (1987), “Behind the Wheel” (1987), “Strangelove” (1987), “Personal Jesus” (1989), “Enjoy the Silence” (1990)
Devo:Whip It” (1980)
Divinyls: “Boys In Town” (1982)
Duran Duran: “Planet Earth” (1981), Girls on Film” (1981), “Hungry Like the Wolf” (1982), “Save A Prayer” (1982), “Rio” (1982), “Is There Something I Should Know?” (1983), “Union of the Snake” (1983), “New Moon on Monday” (1984), “Reflex” (1984 – first single to hit #1 in US), “Notorious (1986), “All She Wants Is” (1988)


Echo & the Bunnymen: “Seven Seas” (1984), “Bring on the Dancing Horses (1985), “Lips Like Sugar” (1987) “People are Strange”
The English Beat: “Mirror in the Bathroom” (1980)
Erasure: “Sometimes” (1986), “Who Needs Love (Like That)” (1986), “Stop!” (1988)
Eurythmics: “Love Is A Stranger (1982) “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” (1983), “Who’s That Girl?” (1983), “Here Comes the Rain Again” (1984)


Falco: “Rock Me Amadeus” (1985), Junge Roemer (1984)
The Fixx: “One Thing Leads to Another” (1983), “Red Skies” (1982), “Are We Ourselves?” (1984), “Stand or Fall” (1982), “Saved by Zero” (1982), “Secret Separation” (1986)
Flash and the Pan: “Waiting for a Train” (1983), “Midnight Man” (1984)
A Flock of Seagulls: “I Ran” (1982), “Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)” (1982), “Space Age Love Song” (1982), “The More You Live, The More You Love” (1984)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood:Relax” (1983), “Two Tribes” (1984), “The Power of Love” (1984), “Welcome to the Pleasuredome” (1985)
Fun Boy Three: “It Ain’t What You Do (It’s the Way That You Do It)” (1982)

80s new wave cassette tapes


General Public:Tenderness” (1984)
The Go-Go’s: “We Got The Beat” General Public (1981), “Our Lips Are Sealed” (1981), “Vacation” (1982), “Head Over Heels” (1984)
Go West: “We Close Our Eyes” (1985)
Eddy Grant: “Electric Avenue” (1983)


Robert Hazard: “Escalator of Life” (1981)
Heaven 17: “Play to Win” (1981), “Let Me Go” (1982), “Come Live with Me” (1983), “Temptation” (1983), “Crushed by the Wheels of Industry” (1983), “Sunset Now” (1984), “This is Mine” (1984)
Holly and the Italians:
“Tell That Girl To Shut Up” (1981)
HooDoo Gurus
Human League: “Being Boiled” (1978), “The Sound of the Crowd” (1981), “Love Action (I Believe in Love)” (1981), “Open Your Heart” (1981), “Don’t You Want Me” (1981) , “Mirror Man” (1982), “(Keep Feeling) Fascination” (1983), “The Lebanon” (1983), “Human” (1986)


Icehouse: “We Can Get Together” (1980), “Great Southern Land” (1982), “Hey Little Girl” (1982), “Electric Blue” (1987)
The Icicle Works: “Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly)” (1984) and “Love Is A Wonderful Colour” (1983)
Billy Idol:Dancing With Myself” (1981), “White Wedding” (1982), “Rebel Yell” (1984), “Eyes Without a Face” (1984), “Mony Mony” (1987)
Information Society: “What’s on Your Mind (Pure Energy)” (1988)
INXS: “The One Thing” (1982), “Don’t Change” (1982), “I Send A Message” (1984), “Original Sin” (1984), “The Swing” (1984), “What You Need” (1985), “Need You Tonight” (1987), “Devil Inside” (1987), “Never Tear Us Apart” (1987), “New Sensation” (1987)


Joe Jackson: “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” (1979), “Steppin’ Out” (1982), “Nineteen Forever” (1989)
The Jam: “Town Called Malice” (1982)
Japan: “Adolescent Sex (1978), “Life In Tokyo” (1979-1982*reissue)
Joy Division: “Transmission” (1979), “She’s Lost Control” (1979), “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (1980)
Howard Jones: “New Song” (1983), “What is Love?” (1984), “Things Can Only Get Better” (1985), “No One is to Blame”, “Everlasting Love” (1989)


Kajagoogoo:Too Shy” (1983)
Katrina & the Waves: “Walking on Sunshine” (1985)
The Knack: “My Sharona” (1979) – ok, not really the 80s, but it gets counted.


Cyndi Lauper: “Girls Just Want To Have Fun ” (1983), “True Colors” (1986)
Level 42: “Lessons In Love” (1987), “Something About You” (1985)


Madness: “One Step Beyond” (1979), “It Must Be Love” (1982), “House of Fun” (1982), “Our House” (1983)
Men at Work: “Who Can It Be Now?” (1981), “Johnny Be Good” (1982), “Down Under” (1982), “Overkill” (1983), “It’s a Mistake” (1983)
Men Without Hats:The Safety Dance” (1982), “Pop Goes the World” (1987)
Ministry: “(Everyday is) Halloween” (1984)
Modern English:I Melt With You” (1982)
The Modern Lovers: “Pablo Picasso” (recorded 1973, released 1976)
Moving Pictures: “What About Me” (1982)
Alison Moyet: “Love Resurrection” (1984)


Naked Eyes: “Always Something There to Remind Me” (1982, hit #8), “Promises Promises” (1983, hit #11), “What in the Name of Love” (1984, hit #39)
Nena: “99 Luftballons” (1983)
New Order:Blue Monday” (1983), “Bizarre Love Triangle” (1986), “True Faith” (1987)
Gary Numan: “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” (1979), “Cars” (1979), “We Are Glass” (1980), “Music for Chameleons” (1982), “I Die: You Die” (1980), “This Wreckage” (1980), “We Take Mystery (To Bed)” (1982)


Oingo Boingo: “Only A Lad” (1981), “Dead Man’s Party” (1985)
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD): “Electricity” (1979), “Enola Gay” (1980), “Souvenir” (1981), “If You Leave” (1986)


Pet Shop Boys: “West End Girls” (1984), “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)” (1985), “Suburbia” (1986), “It’s a Sin” (1987), “What have I done to deserve this? ” (with Dusty Springfield) (1987), “Always On My Mind” (1988), “Heart” (1988), “Domino Dancing” (1988)
The Police: “Roxanne” (1978), “Every Breath You Take” (1983), “Wrapped Around Your Finger” (1983), “King of Pain” (1983), “Synchronicity Part II” (1983)
The Pretenders: “Brass in Pocket” (1980), “Back on the Chain Gang” (1983), “Don’t Get Me Wrong” (1986), “Hymn to Her” (1986), “Precious” (1980)
The Psychedelic Furs: “Dumb Waiters” (1981), “Love My Way” (1982), “Pretty in Pink” (1986), “Heartbreak Beat” (1987)
Public Image Limited: “Public Image” (1978), “Death Disco” (1979), “This is Not a Love Song” (1983)


R.E.M: “Radio Free Europe” (1983 – I.R.S. version), “So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)” (1984), “Cant Get There from Here” (1985), “Driver 8” (1985), “Fall on Me” (1986), “Superman” (1986), “It’s The End of The World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)” (1987), “The One I Love” (1987), “Finest Worksong” (1988), “Orange Crush” (1988), “Stand” (1989), “Pop Song 89” (1989)
Real Life: “Send Me an Angel” (1983)
Red Flag: “Russian Radio” (1988)
Red Rockers: “China” (1983)
The Romantics: “What I Like About You” (1980), “Talking In Your Sleep” (1983)
Romeo Void: “Never Say Never” (1982)
Roxy Music: “Dance Away” (1978), “Angel Eyes” (1979), “Over You” (1980) “Oh Yeah” (1980), The Same Old Scene” (1980), “Lover” (1980), “More Than This” (1982)


Peter Schilling: “Major Tom” (1983), “The Different Story (World Of Lust And Crime)” (1989)
Simple Minds: “I Travel” (1980), “Sweat In Bullet” (1981), “Love Song” (1981), “Theme For Great Cities” (1981), “Someone Somewhere In Summertime” (1982), “Promised You A Miracle” (1982), “New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)” (1982), “Glittering Prize” (1982), “Waterfront” (1983), “Speed Your Love To Me” (1984), “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” (1985), “Alive & Kicking” (1985), “All The Things She Said” (1985)
The Smiths
The Smithereens
Soft Cell: “Tainted Love” (1981), “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” (1982), “Torch” (1982)
Spandau Ballet: “To cut a long story short” (1980), “Musclebound” (1981), “Lifeline” (1982), “True” (1983), “Gold” (1983), “Only when you leave” (1984)
Sparks: “Beat The Clock” (1979)
Split Enz: “I Got You” (1980)
Spoons: “Arias and Symphonies” (1982), “Nova Heart” (1982) , “Romantic Traffic” (1982)
Squeeze: “Black Coffee in Bed” (1981), “Another Nail in My Heart” (1980), “Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)” (1980), “If I Didn’t Love You”, “Tempted” (1981), “Hourglass” (1987)


Talking Heads: “Psycho Killer” (1977), “Once in a Lifetime” (1981), “Burning Down the House” (1983), “Road to Nowhere” (1985), “And She Was” (1985)
Talk Talk: “Talk Talk” (1982), “It’s My Life” (1984)
Tears for Fears: “Pale Shelter” (1982), “Mad World” (1982), “Change” (1983), “Shout” (1984), “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” (1985), “King for a Day” (1985), “Head Over Heels” (1985), “Sowing the Seeds of Love” (1989)
The The: “This is the Day” (1983), “The Beat(en) Generation” (1987)
Thompson Twins: “Love on Your Side” (1982), “Hold Me Now” (1983), “Doctor! Doctor!” (1984), “Lies” (1983), “You Take Me Up” (1984), “Sister of Mercy” (1984)
Throbbing Gristle: “United” (1978)
‘Til Tuesday: “Voices Carry” (1985)
The Tubes: “Talk to Ya Later” (1981), “She’s a Beauty” (1983)
Tubeway Army: “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” (1979)
Tuxedomoon: “In a Manner of Speaking” (1985)


Ultravox: “Vienna” (1981), “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes” (1984), “Reap the Wild Wind” (1984)


The Vapors: “Turning Japanese” (1980)
Suzanne Vega: “Luka” (1987) “Tom’s Diner” (1981)
Violent Femmes: “Blister in the Sun” (1982)
Visage: “Fade To Grey” (1980), “The Damned Don’t Cry” (1980)


Wall of Voodoo: “Mexican Radio” (1983)
Wang Chung: “Dance Hall Days” (No. 16 In the summer of 1984), “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” (No. 2 in 1986) and “Let’s Go!” (No. 9 in 1987)
When In Rome: “The Promise” (1988)
Kim Wilde: “Cambodia” (1981), “Kids in America” (1981), “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” (1987)


Yaz: “Only You” (1982), “Situation” (1982), “Don’t Go” (1982), “Nobody’s Diary (1983)”
Yello: “Bostich” (1981), “I Love You” (1983), “Lost Again” (1983), “Oh Yeah” (1985)
Paul Young: “Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home)” (1983), “Come Back and Stay” (1983), “Love of the Common People” (1983)

Author: Pia Sooney

Just a little obsessed with all things 80s, Pia still has her Swatch, her cassette tape collection, and her Converse Chucks. When not making friendship pins or listening to Depeche Mode, she runs a web design business.

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  1. I too am 80’s obsessed. Thank you for this great list.

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    This is WXB102, The Station That Dares To Be Different. A defunct commercial radio station that was closed down in 1987 and revived in 2005 as an internet radio station. The Cure, Bauhaus, Sisters Of Mercy, The Adventures, Elvis Costello, The Alarm, Cactus World News, The Clash, Berlin, Bob Marley, The Smiths, Kraftwerk, Care, The Go Betweens, Joy Division, Big Country, WHITE CHINA, and MORE. New Wave, Synthpop, Gothic, Dark Wave, Punk, Reggae, Ska, Power Pop, Alternative Rock, Post Punk, obscure tracks, and others; WXB102 plays music that no radio station played during its time. This internet broadcast is intended for its old fans and for listeners who just appreciate its unique brand of music.

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  3. Some hits by Thompson Twins are here credited to Tears For Fears. A correction, perhaps? That would make this (very good) list even more useful.

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      • Great site! If you’re going by release dates, though, the Buggles song was released in 1979, not 1980.

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      • Hi, Alli. I see a lot of great 80’s New Wave songs included in your list, but there are many, many, many others that I don’t (yet?) see.

        Would you like a copy of my list of 1,185 top notch New Wave and Alternative songs I have in iTunes? If so, I would be happy to email it to you. Please let me know when you get a chance, ok? Thanks. N.W.D. : )

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        • Hey New Wave Dave, sure, we’d love to see your list! Our email is For this list, we are trying to limit it to New Wave songs that were hits, not just awesome songs (too many of those to get into one list). We are defining a “hit” as a song that charted. We can cross check your list against the charts; I know we’ll find new ones to add!

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        • A very excellent compilation of the 80s…all my radio recorded tapes were taken from me by someone that thought they deserved them more than me, They were from a station in Seattle that had NO advertisements…. just the DJ saying things like “Its Raining”, and you heard a woman singing in the shower….Classic! Needless to say he got fired, was so sad till the internet came along!

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        • Help me. I am looking for a new wave song probably by a British group. The catch is. I only know the first word: yesterday. That’s it.

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          • The Cure – In Between Days

  4. There are likely hundreds that have been missed. I run an all 80’s Post Punk/New Wave show on Mondays at 5 PM Eastern and I only play music from 1978 to 1990 (mostly all 80-89) New Romantic, New Wave, Alternative with a little pop thrown in for good measure. I attempt to give info about each band if I can, some are so obscure that even finding out what country the band is from can be hard. I love the 80’s, I am perhaps stuck in the 80’s…well at least I am told I am sooo I guess I am. You can tune in, join in the chat room at House of Prog I hope to see you there.

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    • Agreed! We continue to add to the list all the time. Limiting the list to songs that actually charted does help to keep it manageable. I look forward to checking out your show – that’s my favorite era and type of music! Thanks for stopping by!

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      • Great, I guarantee you will really enjoy the show if it is your favorite type of music, just really good stuff….

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  5. I love your list! It brings back great memories. :) Thank you!

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  6. i love 80s music .
    help me who did the song lets talk it over ?

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  7. Great list. Two suggestions from my side: Propaganda (Duel & P Machinery) and Killing Joke (Love Like Blood). Best Regards, Fons

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  8. Like the list, plenty a great songs. How about putting The Spoons on the list, Gord Deppe has a string of hits that surely belong here: Arias and Symphonies 1982, Nova Heart 1982 , Romantic Traffic 1982 and on and on.

    Keep up the good work!

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  9. How ’bout The Motels? I think they’re a quintessential American new wave band. Only the Lonely and Suddenly Last Summer are great songs.

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  10. Your lack of R.E.M. is pretty disturbing.

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    • Agreed!! We are always building this list, and it’s just this kind of help that makes it better and better! I’ve gone back through their singles and updated their entry to include all singles that charted in the 80s! Thanks, Michael!

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  11. I am looking for a song I only know the name not the artist its Eye Travel around 1980

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    • Simple Minds – I Travel from the Emoires and Dance album

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  12. I loved Radio Free Europe in 1981. To put REM’s place in “New Wave” into proper perspective, that is the right date for this. Likewise, the last few REM songs you listed can hardly be considered New Wave. To better udnerstand that, ask why Reckoning was so much less popular than later albums. The answer is: Reckoning was much more “new Wave” & some latter albums are better described as Rock & almost Arena Rock.

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  13. If Elvis is “The King”, Elvis Costello is the “King of New Wave”, yet somehow you 2 of his songs listed & > 2 by Boomtown Rats, Simple Minds, & (take a deep breath) Dead or Alive & (deeper breath) The Fixx. EC has more New Wave in his pinkie than either Dead or Alive and The Fixx had in their entire careers. EC had more great New Wave songs on his first album than those 2 had in their entire careers. Heck, likewise for EC’s 2nd album & I daresay either of those would have been ecstatic to lay claim to EC’s 3rd album.
    I know EC’s greatest stuff was in the late ’70s, but seriously, a LOT of New Wave lovers consider him the “King of New Wave”. You have 2 songs.

    Post a Reply
    • Hey George, thanks for your comments. I totally agree about Elvis Costello. I will re-look at the songs we have listed for him. Our criteria are: 1) that the song charted, and 2) it charted in the 80s. We welcome any all help in making this the best and most complete list out there for New Wave hits. Feel free to send us specific additions that meet this criteria. Thnx!!

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      • I added two of his 80s hits that’d we’d missed. As you can see, he is important enough to warrant including his late 70s hits, which is unusual on the list.

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  14. As a small payback for your great list, if you’ve never heard of Nouvelle Vague, you’ve got to listen to them. They take a lot of classic New Wave, do it with European female singers in a more bossa nova style. They’re great. They make the songs their own & in doing so they help to point out how many great songs were written under the New Wave banner.

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  15. I know they broke up in 1980 or 81 & I know some people call them “punk” but The Buzzcocks have to be on any New Wave list, even if you’re not an orgasm addict. Ever fallen in love?

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  16. Heaven 17 missing there!

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  17. hi alli, im also a fan of 80’s. Let me suggest also the list New dreams for old- the room & over you-echo & the bunnymen. Im not sure if these topped the chart. Thanks…

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  18. Great List! Many of them I’m not familiar with, so I have some research to do.

    Meanwhile, here are some more for your consideration:

    The Waitresses: “I Know What Boys Like”
    Missing Persons:”Words” , “Destination Unknown”
    Haircut 100: “Love Plus One”
    The Specials: “A Message To You Rudy”
    XTC: “Dear God”, “Senses Working Overtime”

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  19. I would add Martha and the Muffins Echo Beach and We Run by Strange Advance.

    Awesome list by the way!

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  20. Hello, I’m trying to find the name of a band and a song from the 80s. I remember some details about their video. I hope they help:

    1.This band had a guy and a girl as vocalists
    2.Their video appeared at least twice on Friday Night Videos.
    3.IIRC, I think the guy was blond.
    4.The song was about sleeping or dreaming.
    5.In the video, at least the vocalists were either wearing pajamas or loose clothing.
    6.I think the drummer was black.
    7.I think part of the lyrics was something like “sleepy sleepy sleepy”

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  21. Who sang “I Don’t Like It Like That”? I can’t find the answer on a Google search. It had a great line in it “A night with you would be comic relief”

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  22. Hello, just wondering why Fra Lippo Lippi and Strawberry Switchblade are not in the list? Their songs hit that era too.

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