Michael Jackson Costume Ideas

Michael Jackson costumeMichael Jackson took the world by storm in the 80s with his infectious music, amazing mini movie music videos, and unprecedented dance moves (see the How to Moonwalk tutorial video below). Everyone wanted to be as cool as Michael. And then . . . well, here at Like Totally 80s, we prefer not to focus on the “and then.” So, if you wanna be startin’ something by donning a Michael look, you’ll be the “Thrill-er” of the party. To read more about MJ and to see some then and now pictures of him, go to our Famous People of the 80s page.

Michael Jackson Costume Elements:

  • Red leather (or pleather) jacket with zippers all over it. Try pushing the sleeves up (as MJ has done above). Or, wear a red button down shirt, open over a white t-shirt as shown below). OR, perhaps easiest of all, use this cool t-shirt from 80stees instead!
  • One sparkling glove (or white glove).
  • White socks with black patent leather shoes, with pants short enough or rolled up slightly to show the white socks.
  • Black fedora (buy to right), with strands of black hair coming down face from under hat.
  • Aviator sunglasses (shown below executed beautifully – buy at right for only $5.00!).
  • Search Amazon for Michael Jackson costumes.

Michael Jackson costume tee

Michael Jackson costume idea
Michael Jackson costume idea

Michael Jackson seen here rockin’ out with David Lee Roth. Michael Jackson seen here rockin’ out with David Lee Roth.

Now just work on your spins and moonwalk. Then you’ll be so “Bad” that everyone will want to “Rock with You!” To get you started off on the right foot (sorry for the wretched pun), we have included the following very helpful tutorial on moonwalking (with airwalking thrown in for good measure).

How to Moonwalk:


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